C U S T O M   P I E C E S

Custom latex outfits and pieces are our speciality! 
We can also customise any existing item available in our online shop.

Fearless Latex Blouse with hand glued polka dots
Custom Bubble Top
In Progress
Latex Circle Skirt, Latex Belt, Custom Top
Chain Dress
Mistress Alex Vicia

C U S T O M I S E   A N   E X I S T I N G   D E S I G N

All items available on our online shop can be customised. If your size isn't shown, your measurements don't match the 'standard' sizing or if you'd like a bodysuit made as a dress or a top made as a bodysuit, please contact us with your ideas to discuss further.

The options are endless!

While the items on our online store are based on 'general' sizing, if you have a particular body part which doesn't suit most clothing for example your bust or arm measurement, we encourage you to contact us prior to purchase.

D E S I G N   Y O U R   O W N

If you would like to discuss having a custom item made, please email debauchlatex@gmail.com with the following information -

  • An outline of your idea including photos and/or drawings

  • The colour or colour scheme

  • The timeframe in which you require your item (if applicable)

  • General sizing e.g. Australian size 10