Latex Frill Gauntlets

Latex Frill Gauntlets

Made from 0.40 - 0.50mm gauge latex imported from the UK.


Mid length latex gauntlets with frill. 


Shown in Black. Can be made with contrasting frill (secondary colour).


Custom sizing. Please provide the following measurements as per photos -


a. Circumference of arm (mid way between wrist and elbow)

b. Circumference of wrist

c. Circumference of hand


Please mare sure that you do not pull on the frill to get your gauntlets on as this may cause the frill to detach from the gauntlets.


Made from high quality 0.40 - 0.50mm latex imported from the UK.


Please make sure to view our care instructions prior to purchase.

  • Colour, Sizing and Care Instructions

  • Wait Times

    Our general wait time is 1 - 4 weeks however if you require your item by a specific date, please contact us prior to purchase.