C A R I N G   F O R 
A N D  W E A R I N G
Y O U R   L A T E X

These care instructions are based on caring for your latex clothing in the Queensland climate and may differ depending on your location.

Latex is a very fragile material and even with the best of care, can rip the first time that you wear it. 

P R E P A R I N G   L A T E X

When your latex clothing arrives it will be coated in a fine layer of talcum power which keeps it from sticking together while in transit. If you wear the item immediately the talcum power will affect the shine of your latex.

  1. Wash the item both inside and out in a mild soap solution

  2. Rinse the item in fresh water and then in Vivishine. Some colours of latex can develop a mottled white colour after washing however it will go away once the latex is dry

  3. Hang the item up to dry in a cool, shaded position. Avoid using a metal or wooden hanger or pegs as this can damage the latex.

At this time we don't stock Vivishine however you may be able to purchase it from SAX Fetish or Max Black in Sydney or from Eagle Leather in Melbourne.

W E A R I N G   L A T E X

  1. Prior to getting dressed apply a small amount of Pjur Cult or silicone based lubricant to your skin. This will help to prevent your latex from getting caught or ripping while getting dressed

  2. Gently pull on your latex taking care that any jewellery, fingernails, toenails or zips do not get caught.

  3. Once dressed you can shine your latex using Pjur Cult or silicone based lubricant however if you used Vivishine to wash your latex, this may not be required

Avoid applying creams or fake tan before putting on your latex.

Avoid sharp objects while wearing your latex. This includes any exposed metal and wood which may have splintered etc.

S T O R I N G   L A T E X 

  1. As soon as you take your latex clothing off, wash the item inside and out in water. Leaving your latex dirty with sweat and body oils can damage the latex

  2. Hang to dry in a cool, shaded position. The latex can be left to dry overnight which allows the latex to air from any odours

  3. Once dry, carefully fold and place in a zip lock bag or an airtight container. Failure to do this may mean that your latex loses its shine forever

For maximum shine, wash your item in Vivishine after every wear.

E X T R A   I N F O R M A T I O N

If your outfit or item includes frills, do not pull on the frills to get the item on.

Latex is very sensitive to sunlight. Do not store in direct sunlight or in higher temperatures - e.g. in a locked vehicle.

Do not store your latex in the open air. Over time this may cause your latex to develop a mottled white colour which you may not be able to get rid of and may prevent your latex from being shined in the future.

Light coloured latex and translucent latex can discolour when in direct contact with darker coloured latex and metals including some jewellery and coins. Store separately or separated by tissue paper.

Latex can permanently crease if folded tightly or if it is folded and stored under heavier items. Fold loosely and store in a zip lock bag or airtight container.

We do not recommend chlorination or assist with repairing items which have been chlorinated.


C A R I N G   F O R
S Y N T H E T I C   H A I R

The hair which is attached to your hood is synthetic and can be easily damaged.

W A S H I N G 

  1. Gently remove tangles with fingers or a tooth comb. Start at the ends and slowly work towards the roots making sure to always have a tight grip at the top of the hair to avoid it from pulling away from the hood

  2. Add a small amount of shampoo to a washbasin of cool water.

  3. Place the hair into the washbasin and allow it to soak for 5 minutes. Do not scrunch or agitate the product.

  4. Rinse by holding under running cool water until the water runs clear. Gently squeeze or use a clean, dry towel to press out excess water. Do not twist or wring

  5. Apply a light coat of leave in conditioner or detangler avoiding the base and roots of the hair

  6. Allow to air dry on a hanger


  1. As the hair is heat-friendly synthetic fibre it can be curled, blow dried or straightened with a low setting to a maximum of 160°C

  2. Shake and style with your fingers or a tooth comb to achieve the desired look

E X T R A   I N F O R M A T I O N

Do not soak the hair in Vivishine, allow lubricant to sit on the hair or allow water, Vivishine or lubricant enter the latex base which is attaching the hair to the hood.

Soaking for longer than the recommended time or washing in hot water will damage the hair.

The hair will be damaged if the heat setting is too high. We do not recommend curling or straightening while wearing your hood.

Do not allow heating tools to touch any part of the latex.

Store hair separated from the latex hood. This can be done with tissue paper or by placing the hair in one zip lock bag and the hood in another.


While there are many different ways to care for latex, this method has allowed me to own and continue to wear items of latex for over 10 years in the Queensland climate.