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While each item is made to order, our sizing is based on generalised sizing similar to if you were to purchase clothing off the rack. 


All of our tops are designed to finish on the waist and are best suited to be worn with high waisted bottoms.

Please note, you don't need to account for the stretch of the latex as we will do that for you.

We don't offer a 'made to measure' service however if you have a particular body part which doesn't fit our sizing chart or that doesn't usually adhere to standard sizing e.g. you find that with most tops the arms are too tight or the bust area too loose please contact us prior to purchase as we may be able to slightly adjust our patterns to accommodate.

As each item is made to order and due to the personal nature of latex, we don't offer refunds however please contact us if you have any problems with your order.

Sizing Chart 17.01.2024 thicker.jpg

L A T E X   I S   F R A G I L E...

and even with the best of care can split, rip or tear the first time that you wear it.

Please review our Latex Care instructions to ensure the longevity of your latex.

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