R E P A I R S   &   A L T E R A T I O N S

D E B A U C H   L A T E X

If you require repairs or alterations on Debauch Latex products, please contact us.

O T H E R   B R A N D S

From time to time, we may have availability to assist with repairs for latex clothing purchased from other brands.

If you are interested in having an item repaired, please contact us via email and be sure to include the following information as well as photos of the rip, tear or hole which is required to be repaired.

  • Brand

  • Colour

  • Thickness of the latex 

  • Age of item

We do not offer repairs or alterations on items which have been chlorinated.

While we endeavour to provide an accurate quote via email, we are unable to confirm the exact cost until your item has been received and reviewed.

In some circumstances, once your item has been received and reviewed we may not be able to repair your latex. This is usually due to excessive age or lack of care over time.