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With minimalistic and provocative undertones, Debauch Latex specialises in latex clothing.

Evil Queen Latex Hood, Camilla Latex Top
Full Face Hood w. Pigtails
Enzi Latex Bra & Latex Knickers
Full Face Hood with Ponytail
Synchronised Latex Hood, Enzi Latex Bra, Latex Legging
Teardrop Latex Top, Latex Belt, Low Cut Latex Knickers
Avyanna Latex Top, Enzi Knickers, Belt collar 4_edited
In Sync Open Face Latex Hood + Enzi Latex Bra
Frill Bodysuit
Latex Legging Fashion (smaller)_edited
Fearless, Legging, Belt2.jpg

T H E   C O L L E C T I O N

Each item is meticulously handmade in Melbourne, Australia using the highest quality latex sheeting and materials.

L A T E X   C A R E

We're extremely passionate about latex care and the longevity of your latex clothing!

While we have only stored latex in the Queensland climate, click here for our comprehensive guide on caring for your latex.

R E A D Y   T O   S H I P

Need an outfit fast? Our Ready to Ship items are available now.

C U R R E N T  

With a continually evolving collection, we are currently obsessed with asymmetry and creating perfectly balanced yet unbalanced pieces. Sometimes, we also just want to look like aliens.

Our most current work can be found on Instagram @debauch.latex

C O N T A C T   U S

While we don't have a physical store, if you have any questions please contact us.

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