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Silenced Latex Hood

Silenced Latex Hood

All hoods come with a 20 - 25cm rear zip and are made from 0.40 - 0.50mm gauge latex.


While this hood has nose holes if you need to breath and are unable to remove the hood quickly, you can put two fingers into each eye hole and pull outwards until the latex pulls away from your face and you can take a breath. ALWAYS WEAR THIS HOOD IN THE COMPANY OF ANOTHER ADULT (18+) WHO CAN ASSIST IN THE EVENT OF AN EMERGENCY.


PLEASE NOTE: Our hoods are tight. If you wish to wear for an extended period you may need to consider purchasing your hood one size larger however this may slightly change the look of the hood. We also recommend sizing up if you have thick hair and wish to tuck your hair into the hood.


Please visit for guide on selecting colours.


While each item is made to order, our hood sizing is based on generalised sizing similar to if you were to purchase clothing off the rack. If you have a facial structure, head or nose size which is slightly different than the general population our hoods may not sit as well as shown in the photos.


Some colours of latex can be discoloured by foundation and lipstick. These colours include but are not limited to Baby Pink, Translucent Natural and White.


This piece is made to order. Our general wait time is 1 - 4 weeks however if you require your item by a specific date, please contact us prior to purchase.


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